About Us

Southern California’s #1 provider of warehousing and transportation services

Proudly serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Precision Worldwide Logistics was founded in 1995 by a group of warehousing and transportation industry professionals. The mission of the new company was to fill the demand in several areas not properly serviced by the industry at large.

b3b2b1Those areas included warehousing and fulfillment for small and medium volume customers as well as customers with specialized service needs. Prior to Precision’s entry into the market the only choice for low and medium volume customers was large providers with high prices, high minimums, and poor customer service or smaller providers that lacked resources. Customers with specialized needs often had great difficulty finding a provider and most ended up forced to settle for high prices and inferior services.

With the founding of Precision Worldwide Logistics Inc., customers were provided an option with excellent service, competitive prices, and a wide array of resources. More than a few of our customers have experienced incredible growth over the years and many attribute part of their success to the resources and high level of service provided to them by Precision.

In addition to our existing service offerings we are constantly evaluating new areas of market need and opportunity. Each new offering provides additional resources to our customers while at the same time growing and strengthening our organization.

Precision Worldwide Logistics Inc. is unique in the industry in our ability to service customers at all stages in their development. From start up companies to the fortune 500, we are able to customize a service and pricing package that is perfectly optimized both today and into the future.