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We are an Asset-Based,Full-Service Drayage, Transloading, Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Transportation Company

Servicing the LA market for nearly 35 years

The Precision Worldwide Logistics Advantage

“When the logistics chain broke down during the pandemic, we were prepared with our own trucks and chassis to ensure our clients’ business continuity.  At Precision Worldwide, we stay one step ahead, have first in class resources, and a dynamite team that does what it takes to find the right solutions for our clients!”

– Kirk Ogilvy, President – Precision Worldwide Logistics


100% Asset-Based Drayage.

We operate our own fleet of trucks and chassis. Our clients are never at the mercy of drayage brokers or chassis pools. This eliminates a failure point of non-asset-based providers.


Custom Transloading Solutions

Streamlining logistics doesn’t have to be a major headache. Our 25+ years of expertise, reliable asset-based operations, and unwavering commitment to quality and control helps our clients move their cargo while saving time and money.


Warehousing Done Right.

Whether you need racked storage, open floor storage, or a fully-customized, custom-tailored solution, Precision Worldwide Logistics, inc. has a perfect solution for your unique warehousing needs.


On Time. At the Right Price.

We operate a fleet of interstate trucks and maintain partnerships with some of the largest carriers in the nation. This allows us to provide our clients with the largest network and lowest rates.

Brands We’ve Worked With


The Precision Worldwide Logistics Promise:

  • Your Freight is Our Freight

    We provide meticulous care and attention to every box, shipment, and container we touch.

  • Your Deadline is Our Deadline

    Deadlines mean money and we are committed to meeting your deadlines.

  • Day or Night - We Get the Job Done

    No matter if it’s the middle of the night or rush hour, we will be there.

  • Our Team is Always Reachable

    Need a shipment update? Have a concern? Our team is just a call away!

  • Affordable Solutions that Save You Money

    We love saving our clients money and providing value in everything we do.

Precision Worldwide Logistics, Inc. was formed in 1995 with the single mission of providing the best possible service and value in the Los Angeles logistics market.

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