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Today’s trend is for individuals to run small businesses out of their homes. Many entrepreneurs do this profitably, earning enough to make a living without hiring employees or renting a shop. All of their business is handled over the internet, so no one visits in person.

Still, the items these small retailers sell have to go somewhere. They must have stock so as to tell customers approximately how long it will take to get an item to them. This allows them to indicate how many of something is on hand at any given time. Will they keep these goods in their garages and basements?

Not if the goods in question are numerous and large. In a case like this, they need to hire a place to handle warehousing and distribution. A center of this kind offers ample warehouse space for thousands of items from numerous clients. Your exercise equipment could sit next to baby clothing, all of it suitably wrapped to keep it safe.

Storing goods is one thing, but when a client hires warehousing and distribution services, they get the latter part of the deal too: sending goods out to customers. This means warehouse staff have to organize products using a bar coding system. With this system, all goods are given tags (like the ones on library books) which they read using special equipment. This allows employees to be sure they pick up the right items for packing and shipping, but also tells the computer how much of something remains in a client’s stock.

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