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Few companies, large or small, store or distribute their own goods anymore. You might have seen the many different logistics companies barreling along your highways and wondered whose goods were inside. They could have been produced by anyone from a large department store chain to a boutique winery, but all of a logistics company’s customers have the same reason for doing things this way: cost.

Not only this, but a logistics company’s staff knows what it is doing. Their expertise has been honed in this area for some time and they know warehousing and distribution better than anyone. Also, because they work for many clients, they get the best discounts on drayage, rail freight, shipping, and air cargo. A firm with a personal logistics operation cannot hope to get the same kinds of prices.

A distribution company handles the whole chain of supply right to the point where goods are transported across docks, sent somewhere within their own region, or transported half way across the world. Wherever your goods are sent, keep an eye on them with real time monitoring. The latest and best GPS systems show a client almost up to the second where a truck is headed and when it arrives at its destination.

Back at the warehouse, having packaged an order for their customer, the third-party supply chain team simultaneously told that customer how much stock she had left. This is done automatically with a barcoding system. When the code is inputted for storage or transport, the customer knows right away how much is left by checking her online portfolio.

Warehousing and distribution firms store goods for multiple clients in a single facility. A client can also request dedicated storage for sensitive items. It makes more sense for a small business to share space with other equally small retailers. They share the space but also the cost of rental. This is much more sensible than running a half-empty storage center. If a client wants to store goods on each coast and inland for ease of transport, this also makes it feasible to hire warehousing services in three locations, thanks to the money they save.

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