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The reality has sunk in that it is not economically sound to try and keep all services within a company. Some firms can manage it if they are big enough, but most small firms lose money this way. It is cheaper to hire supply chain services, for example, than to run one’s own warehouse or hire a logistics and distribution team earning wages and benefits.

Supply chain refers to every step of the process from receiving an order to sending it to the customer. This includes accepting freight from some other location, warehousing items, distributing goods to other branches of a firm, and sending orders to clients.

It is often cheaper to hire a logistics team to deliver a load in either direction because this company will coordinate client loads, filling a truck. Instead of paying someone to transport a small package in an otherwise empty steel box, the client takes up a portion of space occupied by goods from other customers. Supply chain services typically include internet tracking so that clients can see when their goods will arrive at a warehouse, at their own location, or with the customer.

If a load needs special transport due to its delicate nature or temperature control requirements, logistics teams will customize transportation to satisfy customer expectations. Although the supply chain firm might hire the same company the client had in mind, prices come down owing to discounts only frequent users can leverage. These discounts, when passed down to a client, help to justify outsourcing, especially over time.

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