Outsourcing Product Storage To A Fulfillment Center

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As a small business owner who is growing rapidly, you likely do not have adequate storage to house your inventory, or enough employees to pick and pack your items and ship them to your customers. This is where outsourcing to a 3rd party fulfillment center becomes a viable option.  With thousands of square feet available to store products, as well as a trained staff experienced in handling inventory and shipping accurately, a fulfillment house is an ideal place to outsource your products as you grow.

Typically, a logistics provider offering fulfillment center services will arrange for your inventory to be stored safely until each order comes in. This is especially important for time sensitive, temperature sensitive, and perishable items that need special handling. The center will charge you a storage fee based on the product requirements and handling needs. They will handle all aspects of inventory counting, and provide reports to you, as a business owner, so you’ll know how much of each product is still available in the warehouse.

Once an item is ordered from your business, your staff will handle payment and other communications with the customer, then send the order to the fulfillment center. There, a picker will find the items in your order, and a packer will properly prepare each item for shipping and apply a shipping label to the package. A third-party courier will then be used to ship the item to your customer. Outsourcing this task can be a lifesaver for a growing business.

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