A Quick Overview Of Food Safety During Transportation

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While transferring food products from a factory floor to the consumer may be easy, preventing contamination is usually a challenge. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), foodborne diseases cause 1,351 fatalities in the US every year. In addition, 55,961 people spend time in hospital after consuming contaminated food. These statistics show the importance of sanitation when transferring food. Here are a few important food safety elements:

Using Dedicated Vehicles

In the US, trucks form the bulk of vehicles used to transport food products. With that in mind, having each truck transport a single type of food only would obviously cut down the risk of cross contamination significantly. Before loading a new batch of food products, examine the interior space thoroughly. Additionally, inspect your trucks for either cracks or holes that could potentially let in both adulterants and contaminants. While at it, check the cargo area for residues of previous food batches. If the cargo area has an air chute, make sure it is working properly. Clean and sanitize load securing devices as well as the entire interior space.

Use Proper Loading and Unloading Procedures

Besides using dedicated transport trucks, you need to use appropriate loading and unloading procedures in order to ensure that you do not compromise the integrity of sealed food products. Check for leakage of fluids or powders.

Food logistics typically involves more than just moving products from one point to another. You have to ensure that contamination does not occur somewhere along the transport chain. One way of ensuring this does not happen is by using dedicated vehicles to transport food.

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